#1 Wrist Wraps - Origym Personal Training

#1 Wrist Wraps - Origym Personal Training We are really excited to be listed as the number one choice for wrist wraps by OriGym Personal training...

Chalk and Cheese

Chalk and Cheese Unfortunately we don’t sell cheese and with the way Boris is going, it’s soon going to be banned along with everything else that tastes nice so let’s talk about chalk instead, the benefits of using chalk, and Liquid Chalk versus Block Chalk.

The 5 Best Gym Accessories for Women!

As a human being with an XY chromosome, Co-Founder, Ben, might not be the best placed individual person to answer this...fortunately for him, his girlfriend, Sophie, has shared her riide or die gym accessories.

WTF is BPA? And why should I even care about it?

Bisphenol A (BPA) is a chemical commonly used in the production of plastics, especially within food containers and water bottles. Over time, BPA will seep into the food or drink within the container, which poses some health risks. Here's a summary of those risks, and what you can do to reduce your consumption of BPA.

The Beginning...

The Beginning... Three Friends, One Mission. To create a gym accessories brand that not only performs to the highest level, but also looks sick whilst doing so. It's May 2019 and the stage is set; BodyPower 2019 at the Birmingham NEC.