Chalk and Cheese


Chalk and Cheese



Unfortunately we don’t sell cheese and with the way Boris is going, it’s soon going to be banned along with everything else that tastes nice so let’s talk about chalk instead.

Whether you're new to the gym or a veteran, never overlook the importance of grip strength. The ability to maintain a vice-like grip could be the difference between hitting a new personal best or not and let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to hit a PB. 

In a nutshell using chalk will help provide you with a more durable grip, mainly by reducing sweat. Now there are two main types of chalks. Block chalk and liquid chalk. 


Liquid Chalk  

So let’s start by answering the easy question. What is liquid chalk?

Unlike other forms of chalk, this popular variation comes in a liquid form that is typically squeezed and lathered onto hands.


                                             Well. Well. Next question.


Block Chalk

What is block chalk?

Yep you guessed it, it doesn’t come in a liquid form. Instead, dry chalk comes in a powder form that can be dusted over your hands.


Anybody? No? Dust.


If you're a gym owner, block chalk is probably the bane of your life. There’s always one clown slapping it all over the bar, clapping their hands with dust flying everywhere, suddenly the gyms turned into a stars in their eyes reveal. Made even worse by the fact it’s an absolute nightmare to clean up, especially on the black rubber tiles most gyms have. It’s no surprise to see more and more gyms banning the use of block chalk.

Now don’t get me wrong, there are times when block chalk is more beneficial than liquid chalk. Free soloing for example (Rock climbing without ropes). No doubt it’s easier to apply block chalk from a hip bag than trying to squeeze liquid chalk out from a bottle when hanging 50ft in the air by one hand. 

However in our eyes, Liquid chalk is a clear winner in most environments. It’s less messy, easier to apply and simple to carry around in your gym bag. On top of all these benefits, it’s faster drying too thanks to the alcohol content. Quicker drying time = more time to smash out those reps.


Sambuca or tequila?


Most liquid chalks have a pretty strong alcohol/ chemical scent due to the alcohol content. Unfortunately it’s not a partially nice scent either, nothing like a shot of Sambuca or Tequila. Being the innovators we are here at Mana Collection, we decided to tone down the chemical smell by adding a nice fruity orange scent to our liquid chalk, we even managed to do this without harming any real oranges during the process. You are welcome Karen.




Stop The Spread

The next big benefit of liquid chalk having a high a high alcohol content is that it gives the chalk antibacterial properties. We could never have predicted how important this would be in 2020, but I'm 99.999999% sure that none of us want to see the closure of gyms again so click on the link below, get yourself some fruity fingers and kill those germs as well as your workouts!



 Stay Safe, Stay Swole.

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