The 5 Best Gym Accessories for Women!

As a human being with an XY chromosome, Co-Founder, Ben, might not be the best placed individual person to answer this...fortunately for him, his girlfriend, Sophie, has shared her riide or die gym accessories. Over to you Sophie…


When it comes to gym accessories for women, it really does depend on what style of training you prefer. My name is Sophie, and I am a serial “get bored and move on…” kind of fitness fanatic.


You name it, I’ve tried it. I have a habit of becoming obsessed with a new activity for a few months, before swiftly finding myself looking for something new...and of course investing in all the gym accessories that go with it. From buying the latest spinning trainers, to eye-wateringly expensive cross fit wraps, to heated yoga mats (yes really!), I’ve certainly done the rounds when it comes to gym accessories. So, I’m here to give you a roundup of the most universal and helpful accessories which will carry you through whichever gym or exercise routine you have!


1/ A Bloody Good Bra

 When it comes to an investment, here’s where to make it. No matter what your exercise routine consists of, be sure that you are giving those boobs the full support they need (& deserve)! Invest in a good sports bra and it will last years, plus avoid any harm. Please ladies, get measured and follow the expert’s advice vs wearing just what looks nice. Just do it and you can thank me later.


2/ Resistance Bands

Even when doing the bare minimum 10-minute HIIT in the morning before work, these handy resistance bands can really elevate your workout. And the great thing is, they are super universal! You can literally search “Workout Resistance Bands” on YouTube and you’ll find a whole host of workouts to challenge you. Plus, they are great to help you stretch out after any activity. And the best thing? … you can take them anywhere, even in the super strict Easy Jet hand luggage allowance (if you know, you know!).


3/ Stainless Steel Water Bottle

 I’m the most forgetful person in the world, so would ALWAYS forget to take a water bottle to the gym. “It’s fine, there’s water fountains” I would think as I swiped through the gym barriers. But no no no, not anymore. In a post lock-down world the last thing you want to be doing is sharing water fountains. Now I keep a gym-dedicated reusable water bottle in my gym bag, only removing it to clean so I never forget it! I love the Mana eco water bottles, as they are metal and insulated, so keep water ice cold for your whole workout.


4/ Liquid Chalk

 I admit- I didn’t really understand the point of chalk until I started weightlifting. However, before I knew it, I had all these rough callous’ on the palms of my hands. Not a good look when they catch on your tights as you pull them up either (sorry TMI!). So, when I invested in a good liquid chalk it was a GAMECHANGER. No mess, no fuss- and gives you a really solid grip with less chance of damaging your skin! Simply put a few drops on your hands and rub in. Then- simply wash away and follow up with some hand cream to keep those hands oh-so-smooth, but those muscles PUMPED! And it’s not just for lifting weights- liquid chalk is perfect for pole dancing, gymnastics or any activity which requires extra grip.


5/ Wireless Headphones

 I LOVE socialising, but for me… exercise is my “me-time”. I don’t want to talk to anyone and just focus on getting it done. With that in mind- headphones are an essential! Just give the universal “no-teeth smile” when you recognise someone but keep those bad-boys in… so no need for a chat #justsaying.


So that’s my top 5, what are yours? I’d love to hear, so reach out at @manacollection to let us know your gym accessory must-haves! 

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